the decay of lying

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A side


Liner Notes - Don’t Fear (the sweeper)

meet the conceit, a Hornby moment, creeping middle age, context, football, a question

Career Opportunities

how to get on, art vs artifice, careering out of control


a snapshot, things can only get...? increasingly dated political observation


wasting it productively, spending it wastefully

Ever Fallen in Love (with someone you shouldn’tve?)

affairs of the heart / trousers

Cold Wind to Valhalla

consumerism, organised religion & Ikea

B side


Englishman in New York

a nice pub, tourism, cultural inferiority

Mirror Man

more questions than answers, airs and social graces, time to take a long hard look at yourself

Have a Drink on Me

many pubs, another lost night, alcohol and how not to handle it

Together in Electric Dreams

remembering the Eighties

Road to Nowhere

freelance lifestyle, with apologies to Kipling

Alexander Graham Bell

keep in touch now

Windmills of Your Mind

breakdown, confusion, desperation, hope

can you see the real me...?